The UV-1 is a specifically designed ultra-violet torch.

Nickel-plated aluminium, 75.5mm long, 26mm diameter and weighing 75 grams. It uses a NITECORE 650mAh, RCR123A rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. With a particularly bright UV CREE LED with a wavelength of 395-410nm which is just perfect for firing the lume on watches and myriad other tasks! The polycarbonate aspherical lens is creating a near perfect dot of light 50mm diameter at 50mm distance. It does not rattle, it has no play between components and it is sealed with three O-rings. To say it is over-engineered is an understatement! But this is what happens on the quest for beauty!

The UV-1 uses the same battery as the original Schofield torch.
The Nickel plating is the same used on the TL-1, P-2 and Small Wall Clock. If you wanted a matching set.

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