Strap holding kit

Strap holding kit


Our strap holder needed to be beautifully crafted and made from woollen tweeds from the famous Abraham Moon and Sons Mill. We use these luxurious fabrics to line our leather Watch Wallet and to make a series of tweed straps.

With the Strap Kit you receive (if you choose) 2 x 2.5mm Schofield screwdrivers, 1 x 1.6mm Schofield screwdriver and Lug Protection (stickers that cover the lugs during a strap change). The Strap Kit is fabricated in Moon Mill’s worsted wool. The inside is lined in Alcantara with sand coloured cotton twill pockets. It fastens shut with two hand-stitched hidden poppers, then folds over and is closed with an oversized hand-made horn button. The holder itself has 14 pockets for any straps with a maximum width of 25mm and 3 screwdriver pockets.

The Strap Kit does not come with straps but is ready for you to fill.

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  • 14 pockets for straps
  • 3 pockets for Schofield Drivers
  • Lug Protection included
  • Large embroidered patch
  • Over-sized handmade horn button
  • Hand-stitched hidden poppers
  • Fusing used in construction for a tailored feel
  • Moon Mill’s woollen tweed used inside and out
  • Sold with or without Schofield Drivers
  • Size folded – 36cm x 17cm x 3cm
  • Size un-folded – 80cm x 41cm x 1.5cm
Strap Kit side
Strap Kit Patch
Strap Kit Folds
Strap Kit button
Schofield Drivers in Kit
Strap Kit long

Watch and strap scale and printout PDF

Schofield watch straps are available in three sizes; regular and long and the new uni.

Medium/average wrists are covered with both sizes.

The regular sized watch straps are 110mm on the non buckle side and 75 on the buckle side. The long straps are 115mm on the non buckle side and 90mm on the buckle side.

If your wrists are less than 19cm (7.5 inches) in circumference then we suggest you choose a regular length strap. If your wrists are more than 19cm (7.5 inches) in circumference then we suggest a long strap. If your wrists are approximately 19cm in circumference then a longer strap will give more of a tail; most guys opt for a regular sized watch strap with a shorter tail.

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Strap Kit care instructions

The Strap Kit needs little care, but if it is marked then sponge off. Please do not wash as the tweed is 100% wool.