Perforated White Lambskin

Perforated White Lambskin


A British finished super soft, just off-white lambskin, with a red stitch. It comes in the new Uni size that is between our traditional long and regular size straps. A one size fits all.

A buckle is not included. Please visit the accessories page.

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Calf Skin


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Purple Perforated Watch Strap
Pink Perforated watch strap
Daymark watch
White Perforated Suede Strap


  • White
  • Uni size only
  • Size – 24mm wide at the lugs, 22mm wide buckle fitting
  • Lining – Indigo calf
  • Stitching – Red
  • The hole profile suits all Schofield buckles and other brands
  • Keep Close Keeper ribbon – Red
  • Logo – Debossed
  • Famous the world over for eccentric English fabrics and leathers

Strap sizing info

Schofield has introduced a new uni strap size. It falls between our traditional long and regular sized straps. Only some straps are available in Uni, others are still the regular and long sizes.

Uni straps have 115mm long non buckle side and a 78mm long buckle side.

Download and print the scale drawings by clicking the image. All strap sizes are depicted.

Click to view and download

Lambskin strap care

Most Schofield straps are super tough and hardy, suede is more susceptible to getting dirty. However, we have addressed this by treating the top surface with Renapur® eco-friendly, non toxic, waterproof and stain protection. You can clean with warm water and mild soap, but don’t saturate it. If you need something more water resistant please consider straps lined with India Rubber, for example the Quadrant leather or the India Rubber straps.


Schofield straps are packaged in recycled and recyclable card boxes and envelopes. We adhere to our Mission Statement even if it means the packaging can (for some) fall short of that luxury feel. That said the little strap boxes are really cool. Just because it is green does not mean we cannot flex our creative muscle! They are traditionally made in Woolwich using gold and silver staples instead of glue.


All straps come with a set of our proprietary Lug Protection stickers. If you regularly change straps then we suggest you consider some Schofield Drivers. They are purpose made flat-head watch screwdrivers for changing straps and buckles on all Schofield watch models. You may also need a buckle, of which we have many to choose from.


If you are interested in what happens behind the scenes at Schofield we recommend you visit the UNDERCURRENTS site for a sneak peek at what is in development within the Schofield universe. YouTube has some easy watching, bare bones, no fluff content to help you navigate our products.