Mrs L Tweed Type 2

Mrs L Tweed Type 2


Mrs L’s mother had this dress making tweed stored in an attic for many years. These swollen dressmaking fabrics are heavyweight, for the days when central heating was rare. It was kindly donated to Schofield for this sole purpose. It comes in the new Uni size that is between our traditional long and regular size straps. A one size fits all. Exact measurements are shown below. Please note that the few we have remaining have a matching stitch (smaller images) not the light blue shown in the main image.

All straps come with a set of our proprietary lug protection stickers. If you regularly change straps then we suggest you consider some Schofield drivers, purpose made for changing straps on Schofield watches.

A buckle is not included. Please visit the accessories page.

In stock

  • Size – 24mm wide at the lugs, 22mm wide buckle fitting
  • Lining – bright green calf skin
  • Stitching – lgrey
  • The hole profile suits all Schofield buckles and other brands
  • Keep Close Keeper ribbon – Blue
  • Logo – debossed, aged foil
  • Famous the world over for eccentric English fabrics and leathers

Additional information




Blue, Green, Mixed, Purple

Fabric origin



Calf Skin


Schofield Watch Company Limited

Top material


Strap size


Mrs L type 2 close
Mrs L type 2
Mrs L Type 2 BBB3

Size guide

Schofield has introduced a new uni strap size. It falls between our traditional long and regular sized straps. Only some straps are available in Uni, others are still the regular and long sizes.

Uni straps have 115mm long non buckle side and a 78mm long buckle side.

Download and print the scale drawings by clicking the image. All strap sizes are depicted.

Strap care

This worsted woollen tweed is exceptionally tough, in the first couple of weeks expect this strap to fuzz up a little, this shortly wears off and the fabric looks as good as new for a very long time. They don’t really show the dirt so cleaning is not much of a concern. If it is a concern then soapy water will do the trick.  Avoid continually saturating in water. Watch straps UK, Schofield’s predominately British fabrics and materials luxury strap collection

Schofield + Cudd

Simon Cudd

Simon Cudd was a reportage lifestyle and architecture photographer, an aesthete and generally disgruntled man. The type that will change a watch strap more often than not, but then again it was his business. Well known within the watch industry he has worked for some very serious players. One of his many obsessions was Schofield Watch Company and all their products  – he has made suggestions on all of them with some of his ideas making it through to production. Who better to impose his taste upon the Schofield’s manufacture? Who better to nudge Giles out of his comfort zone, to jointly create some stunning new items to invigorate watches everywhere?

Alas Simon was snatched by cancer at the very end of 2018, such a huge character who’s personality – and beard – has left a void un-fillable. May his influence still be felt with this collaboration of special and limited straps.