India Rubber

India Rubber


India Rubber is a perfect material for Schofield straps. As well as its aesthetic quality it has a large stretch ratio, high resilience and it is extremely waterproof. India Rubber, also called natural rubber or caoutchouc, is harvested in the form of latex from certain trees. In places such as Kerala, on the South West Indian coast, where coconuts are in abundance, the half shell of coconut is used as the collection container for the latex, but glazed pottery or aluminium cups are common elsewhere. The cups are supported by a wire that encircles the tree. The latex is led into the cup by a galvanised ‘spout’ knocked into the bark. This process is called ‘tapping’. The latex is then refined into rubber ready for commercial use.

All straps come with a set of our proprietary lug protection stickers. If you regularly change straps then we suggest you consider some Schofield drivers, purpose made for changing straps on Schofield watches.

A buckle is not included.

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  • Size – 24mm wide at the lugs, 22mm wide buckle fitting
  • Lining – India Rubber
  • Stitching – black matching
  • Water resistant
  • Famous the world over for eccentric English fabrics and leathers. See our collaborations page…Here
India Rubber and DLC
India Rubber strap
Daymark Dark India Rubber strap

Watch and strap scale and printout PDF

Schofield watch straps are available in two sizes; regular and long.

Medium/average wrists are covered with both sizes.

The regular sized watch straps are 110mm on the non buckle side and 75 on the buckle side. The long straps are 115mm on the non buckle side and 90mm on the buckle side.

If your wrists are less than 19cm (7.5 inches) in circumference then we suggest you choose a regular length strap. If your wrists are more than 19cm (7.5 inches) in circumference then we suggest a long strap. If your wrists are approximately 19cm in circumference then a longer strap will give more of a tail; most guys opt for a regular sized watch strap with a shorter tail.

Download and print the scale drawings.


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Strap care instructions

If you are allergic to latex it may be advisable to choose one of our other straps that are lined in calf leather (most are). This strap is extremely hardy, little care is required though perfume can make it permanently shiny.