Fish Guts Fountain Pen Ink

Fish Guts Fountain Pen Ink


Hand mixed at Schofield HQ. Fish Guts was developed for our limited edition fountain pen. The colour is a deep teal, better than boring blue, brighter than black. It comes in a glass bottle with engraved lid.

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We can also mix Orange Indicator. A wonderful muddy orange (not brick) highlighter ink and yet another that is hand mixed by Schofield.

Pen Care

We won’t presume to tell you how to look after your fountain pen but it is worth mentioning that we are good chums with Master Nib Wrangler John Sorrowka. This talented technician is one of a handful of those so skilled that he is sort after by customers across the globe to fine tune their writing instruments. If your pen is scratching, spitting, splatting and blotting then perhaps it is time to have John inspect it. Get in touch with us and we will pass on his details.