Clayton leather

Clayton leather


This dark brown leather used by Schofield is manufactured by Clayton Tannery, a small traditional tannery based in Chesterfield. The leather is processed in the traditional way in pits using oak bark. The Clayton Tannery was established by Joseph Clayton in the middle of the 19th century. A small independent tannery, Clayton’s produces only British leathers, being fabricated from domestic hides from Northern Ireland, and tanned using methods that have not changed since the tannery was established in 1840. They are one of the last remaining pit tanners left in the UK and supply to almost every continent in the world.

All straps come with a set of our proprietary lug protection stickers. If you regularly change straps then we suggest you consider some Schofield drivers, purpose made for changing straps on Schofield watches.

A buckle is not included.

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  • Size – 24mm wide at the lugs, 22mm wide buckle fitting
  • Lining – green calf skin
  • Stitching – brown matching
  • Famous the world over for eccentric English fabrics and leathers. See our collaborations page…Here
Clayton tannery leather watch strap
Daymark and Clayton Strap

Watch and strap scale and printout PDF

Schofield watch straps are available in two sizes; regular and long.

Medium/average wrists are covered with both sizes.

The regular sized watch straps are 110mm on the non buckle side and 75 on the buckle side. The long straps are 115mm on the non buckle side and 90mm on the buckle side.

If your wrists are less than 19cm (7.5 inches) in circumference then we suggest you choose a regular length strap. If your wrists are more than 19cm (7.5 inches) in circumference then we suggest a long strap. If your wrists are approximately 19cm in circumference then a longer strap will give more of a tail; most guys opt for a regular sized watch strap with a shorter tail.

Download and print the scale drawings.


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Strap care instructions

This is a very tough and durable leather which will become quite shiny over time. It will look like a polished conker. Avoid saturating in water. Use your neutral shoeshine to restore and polish.