Blue Tweed

Blue Tweed


Schofield’s blue tweed watch straps are custom made and renowned for their quality. Featuring premium materials and craftsmanship, some are made in very limited numbers. Schofield uses Moon Mills fabric for this blue watch strap and also as a lining material in the Schofield Watch Wallet. The word ‘tweed’ is an English variant of the Scottish word ‘tweel’ which refers to a rough unfinished hand woven fabric. Nowadays it is a general term for all carded ‘homespun’ wool.

A buckle is not included but can be bought separately.

All straps come with a set of our proprietary lug protection stickers. If you regularly change straps then we urge you to buy some Schofield drivers, purpose made for changing straps on Schofield watches.

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All tweeds made by Moon Mills use British wools and are regarded as one of the UK leading tweed manufacturers, the quality and handle of these luxury fabrics is first class. Abraham Moon founded his company in 1837. Based in Guiseley, West Yorkshire, the business flourished and is now regarded as one of the finest exporters of fabric in the world. You can read more about the Moon Mills…here.

  • Size – 24mm wide at the lugs, 22mm wide buckle fitting
  • Lining – green calf skin
  • Stitching – blue matching
  • Famous the world over for eccentric English fabrics and leathers. See our collaborations page…Here

Size guide

Schofield watch straps are available in two sizes; regular and long.

Medium/average wrists are covered with both sizes.

The regular sized watch straps are 110mm on the non buckle side and 75 on the buckle side. The long straps are 115mm on the non buckle side and 90mm on the buckle side.

If your wrists are less than 19cm (7.5 inches) in circumference then we suggest you choose a regular length strap. If your wrists are more than 19cm (7.5 inches) in circumference then we suggest a long strap. If your wrists are approximately 19cm in circumference then a longer strap will give more of a tail; most guys opt for a regular sized watch strap with a shorter tail.

Strap care

This worsted woollen tweed is exceptionally tough, in the first couple of weeks expect this strap to fuzz up a little, this shortly wears off and the fabric looks as good as new for a very long time. They don’t really show the dirt so cleaning is not much of a concern. If it is a concern then soapy water will do the trick.  Avoid continually saturating in water. If you need a strap for swimming with we recommend the India Rubber.