2nd November 2017 Schofield
9h7b pouch

Two pencils. One with a hard lead describing a thin pale line, embossing the paper as it goes, the other is soft, broad, shady and prone to smudging. It is dark and light, chalk and cheese, him and her, blah and blah – a designer’s playground.

//9h7b is a contemporary accessories brand. Its products drawn from the sketches of Mr E, CEO of Schofield, a British Watch Company that measures its worth in details. //9h7b makes predominately black things that do not quite fit under Schofield’s umbrella so they find shelter in the pockets and bags of the few that have discovered us.

//9h7b stuff is just more nice stuff, but compelling and with a narrative that makes its ownership delightful. Those that know Mr E’s work would tell you that progress is slow, the products are few, the designs are reasoned and the reasons are many. The materials are coveted, the build is to endure and the whole experience of getting involved is lovely.

So //9h7b is a new company making (in London) contemporary leather goods, black and grey on the outside and those wonderful Milanese suedes you have seen made into Schofield straps on the inside. Launching sometime before Christmas! Some items are watch related and will appear on the Schofield website in due course, however we are taking some pieces to QP!  //