“Schofield strives to make beautiful and considered things, maintain a sustainable business, protect people and the environment whilst supporting those that do the same”

We acknowledge that, as a business, we have an effect on the natural environment.  As a sustainable watch brand, we understand the need to become more environmentally and socially responsible and are steadily working towards reducing the harm our actions cause. We look closely at the dangerous materials we consume and work towards substituting them with more environmentally conscious alternatives.  We are also examining those companies we are in partnership with and how their working practices fit within our ethical standards. Our love of the natural environment, the hills and fields of England and the coastline that encircles us, demands our active participation in the struggle to protect and care for it.

Mandy Barker is an award winning photographic artist who exhibits throughout the world. Her work is a combination of beautifully crafted photographic images and social commentary. Mandy’s work highlights the environmental issues surrounding dispersed plastic pollution in the world’s oceans and challenges the viewer to understand the problem and to become actively engaged in helping work towards changing it.

Mandy’s work inspired us to think more deeply about our own connection with the sea and our role in helping people to appreciate its beauty and care for its preservation. Having met Mandy and talked some more about her work we decided to support her by commissioning a piece of work called Tide Time. This beautiful photographic art has now become part of our Tide Time project that incorporates all of our Environmental Social Responsibility. Should you wish to buy a limited edition signed print then you can do so simply by emailing us.