“Schofield strives to make beautiful and considered things, maintain a sustainable business, protect people and the environment whilst supporting those that do the same”

We acknowledge that, as a business, we have an effect on the natural environment. As a sustainable watch brand, we understand the need to become more environmentally and socially responsible and are steadily working towards reducing the harm our actions cause. We look closely at the dangerous materials we consume and work towards substituting them with more environmentally conscious alternatives. We are also examining those companies we are in partnership with and how their working practices fit within our ethical standards. Our love of the natural environment, the hills and fields of England and the coastline that encircles us, demands our active participation in the struggle to protect and care for it.

Well that’s all fine and dandy but what have we actually done?

At the tip of the iceberg, we don’t buy disposable plastic which apart from the obvious seas of bubble wrap it means that we have sacrificed cushioned, upholstered box inserts and foiling on our print and straps which is sad because both look really good! It also means that our watch box packaging needed an alternative to the ubiquitous LD45 foam, so we sourced some really cool recycled card stuff. It should be pointed out that really cool recycled/recyclable packaging is thrice the price. No plastic envelopes, food wrappers, crinkly crap and tiny boxes.

New packaging is lighter and smaller than before, reducing transit costs and fuel. Paper consumption has been reduced by 90% as all our records are digital. We consume no gas and all electronics and lighting is modern.

We recycle everything we can, fastidiously sorting rubbish, wasting as little as possible. Regrettably what arrives through the Black Door is not completely in our hands; we use so many suppliers that are facing their own hurdles. We do, however, try to urge them to follow suit.

We donate via direct debit irrespective of profit to the RNLI, Surfers against Sewage and the Postcode Lottery. The Postcode Lottery is still giving to good causes.

We have cared about this stuff from the very beginning and still look to improve. We should be accountable don’t you think?