30th November 2017 Schofield
Telemark watch TM
The Heroes of Telemark describes the exploits of the Norwegian resistance which sought to prevent the Nazis from developing an atomic bomb. This drama frames the heroic deeds of these men and women against a visually stunning backdrop of cliffs, fjord, ice, snow and stone. At the same time it refuses to be pigeonholed by terms as simplistic as “war film” or “love story” as it takes elements from both and crafts a tale which compels the viewer to think, just as much as it tugs at the heartstrings.

It was off piste for Schofield to design a watch influenced by a movie. However, the romance of the rugged beauty and harsh conditions of Norway’s crenelated coast felt like a natural diversion. The marriage of Schofield’s existing design language to the influences of the film has created an elegant watch befitting the sartorial heroes of Telemark.

The Telemark is now ready to buy on the Schofield website.