The Six Pips Chronicles

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Why The Six Pips?

The Greenwich Time Signal (GTS), popularly known as the pips, is a series of six short tones broadcast at one-second intervals by many BBC Radio stations.

The proposal for a time signal came from one Frank Hope-Jones in a radio talk in April 1923. It was agreed that broadcasting the Greenwich Standard Time with a chronometer at the Royal Observatory tripping a switch at five seconds to the hour to create those iconic pips – using a 1kHz oscillator. The time signal was first broadcast at 9.30 p.m. on 5 February 1924.

There are six pips (short beeps) in total, which occur on the 5 seconds leading up to the hour and on the hour itself. Each pip is a 1 kHz tone (about halfway between musical B5 and C6) the first five of which last a tenth of a second each, while the final pip lasts half a second. The actual moment when the hour changes – the “on-time marker” – is at the very beginning of the last pip.

Our weekly bulletin is made up of five short posts and a snippets section outlining minor news.

  • Michael Morris Ladyfinger Knife


    Yesterday I cut an apple with a Ladyfinger. The night before I opened an Asahi and this morning I wait for the post. The bottle top scratches, the apple stains the blade and this is good. Many of you who own a Ladyfinger will appreciate that with the right tool the job becomes a pleasure. The tools of daily life that age with us, anchoring us to a point in time. 
    The Ladyfinger is made for us by master knife smith Michael Morris of Michigan, USA. He makes his own Ladyfinger but the blade is thinner and without the Farriers file markings on the side. We asked for a thicker blade where the file markings now show. The Schofield Ladyfinger is in stock…
  • Jonathan Carroll writing with Schofield Pen


    The first time they went to bed he entered the room and she said, “You’re wearing a different watch.”

    He glanced at it, as if seeing the black rubber thing on his wrist for the first time. “It’s my night watch,” he said tentatively.

    “You change watches before going to bed?”

    “Yes. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and want to know what time it is. This one has a very bright dial.”


    Looking at her dark nail polish, he wished they weren’t having this conversation. “Why do I want to know what time it is?”

    “Yes.” She was smiling at him. Not with him— at him.

    A moment ago things were sexy. Now they were funny. He was hoping a quick right answer would make things sexy again. “I don’t know. To see how much more time I have left to sleep.”

    Her smile grew to the size of a frisbee. “I like you.”

    The gravity he was used to had disappeared altogether from the room. He was drifting in her outer space and didn’t know how to maneuver in it. “Is that good?”

    This is a picture of Jonathan Carroll working on his next book, he is writing with an actual pen, a Schofield pen! If you do not know MR C’s work then we urge you to check out these links below.

  • The Daymark watch


    Pre-ordering a Daymark is super easy. On our website, under watches click on the Daymark then add it to cart and it will process your deposit. You will hear from us shortly after… This way you will be assured of one of the first watches with an early serial number to match 🙂 The Daymark is our new watch with the Swiss ETA 2824 movement powering three centre hands. 
  • Converse strap for Schofield Watches


    Mr C, strap aesthete, commissioned us to make a strap from an old pair of Converse. We made two and boy oh boy they look good! Strapped here to his steel Beater.
  • Bamboo Suede


    Here is Bamboo suede. The latest edition to our suede line up and a true blue Schofield colour, muted green. Available on line now.
  • Signalman Bare Bones


    It was a cold night up on Berry Head. This Signalman Bare Bones with a German Silver dial teetering on the iron railings that surround the lighthouse. Be careful, wait for the light to come around, don’t step back without looking, it is a long way down – can’t see a thing. Scabby metal against such a clean watch, the fresnel lens looks like the case, the bezel, as it should. But this lighthouse has no balcony as it is only ten feet tall. The Rare Things badge has no place here.
  • 2 Schofield Strap Kits


    This long awaited Strap Kit has been redesigned to be even more luxurious and elaborate than before. This coveted Kit is different to many others because it is not the leather tool roll type, but a softer accessory that can live on top of a pile of folded t shirts. Nearly a square metre of tweed is used for each Kit, as well as linings and fusing. The horn button is hand made to our design and the patch that adorns the front is heavily embroidered with many colours and is possibly the largest patch we have ever seen. The Strap Kit is only for sale to Schofield watch owners and is online now.
    PS. Notice the Schofield logo between the envelope flap and the patch!