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Why The Six Pips?

The Greenwich Time Signal (GTS), popularly known as the pips, is a series of six short tones broadcast at one-second intervals by many BBC Radio stations. The proposal for a time signal came from one Frank Hope-Jones in a radio talk in April 1923. It was agreed that broadcasting the Greenwich Standard Time with a chronometer at the Royal Observatory tripping a switch at five seconds to the hour to create those iconic pips – using a 1kHz oscillator. The time signal was first broadcast at 9.30 p.m. on 5 February 1924. There are six pips (short beeps) in total, which occur on the 5 seconds leading up to the hour and on the hour itself. Each pip is a 1 kHz tone (about halfway between musical B5 and C6) the first five of which last a tenth of a second each, while the final pip lasts half a second. The actual moment when the hour changes – the “on-time marker” – is at the very beginning of the last pip. Our weekly bulletin is made up of five short posts and a snippets section outlining minor news.

  • MR C

    As many of you already know Mr C has cancer. Simon is a long time Schofield acolyte and friend, a good egg and a salty dog! Mr C is the Cudd in Schofield + Cudd, he is a tastemaker and photographer extraordinaire. His stoicism is an inspiration to us all. It has to be said that for a moment I thought that the chemo had affected his photography 😉 but no, he is performing as well as ever! Interesting for you all is that such a turn as this has changed a few things up, so we expect to see some pretty interesting developments on the S+C site soon. The pic above is the Schofield Telemark on a Scruff Canvas strap and DLC Schofield + Cudd buckle. It is a superior combination that makes a perfect alternative to the versatile OMI straps.


  • 9h7b leather strap

    9H7B STRAP

    In the last Pips this very number 3 slot was taken by a post on Lean. I nearly kept the same heading as it seemed applicable to the strap. It is a smooth and slightly greasy mid grey with a heavy black stitch. A true example of less is more, especially when so many straps of late from both Schofield stables are quite intense. It is available online now, in limited numbers. We call it the 9H7B leather as it is the colour of hard pencil lead, the 9H, the stitch the soft 7B //


  • Lv Leather straps


    This is the LV leather, striated and textured semi-sheen black leather with green stitching. Lined with pink calf leather, it is a proper smart, matches all our watches, subdued strap with just a dash of flair.


  • Daymark Dark on Grey Background


    The Daymark Dark is an automatic watch with the same case dimensions as our classic Signalman and the other members of the Markers range. Although it has been made from one piece of vapour-blasted stainless steel, the shine and sheen of the Daymark’s case have been sullied by the darkness. A ceramic coating has been applied which introduces the foreboding of the English coastline’s rocky outcrops. Changing the colour changes the atmosphere from one of steely austerity to one of understatement. If the Daymark is a tower rising above the landscape, the Daymark Dark is its shadow, gloomy perhaps but not drab. It is the Daymark’s silhouette. It is the Daymark at night, barely perceptible against the darkness of the night sky and yet present all the same.

    The ceramic coating which is used on the Daymark Dark was chosen for several reasons, including how it looks and its scratch and chemical resistance. Firstly, its ‘traditional matte’ coating that is in the lowest band of gloss that is possible to attain by modern standards. In terms of scratch resistance it is, again, right at one end of the spectrum as it clocks in at a 9H in the Pencil Hardness Test used for coatings which is the most scratch resistant that a coating can be rated. When sprayed continuously with water two and a half times as saline as seawater the ceramic coating was over ten times as resistant to corrosion as stainless steel.

    These watches are made to order, if you would like one either head to the website or pop us an email.

  • Straps in Draw


    This Pips has a ‘services provided’ flavour which is cool but a little bland so what better than a discount to start! Great news! The classic GILESISGENEROUS strap sale is now on! For one week you can enjoy the entire strap collection with a 20% discount with the code GILESISGENEROUS. Also, some long sold out straps are back in stock like the Dark Grey Tweed.

  • Six Pips Warning


    All companies with mailing lists are expected to see an enormous reduction of subscribers when the old mailing lists need to be deleted on the 25th of May. We cannot by law move your email addresses across to the new list. If you enjoy the Six Pips then you must do this yourself. Here is the link, click it, sign up. As some sort of encouragement, or perhaps blackmail depending on how you look at it, if the new list does not accrue enough subscribers then the Six Pips is under threat!


  • Bronze Beater


    Recently, we have undertaken a course in Lean. There is a chap we meet in SalonQP every year since 2011 who is an expert in Lean and he visited us from Belgium to explain this amazing philosophy. As a small company I am proud to say that we employ Lean on many levels intuitively but there is always room for improvement. Lean is a set of management principles, tools and methods that has proven itself in many of the world’s best performing companies and looks to eliminate all kinds of waste with customers and employees at its centre. In short, it is a commitment to improving jobs and processes to create value. Now, it’s given us a ton of new jobs to do but all of them are exciting because they will improve our company in some way. Don’t get me started on filing emails! Anyway, if you or your organisation would like to be put in contact with our Lean specialist then please drop us an email.