Toots! Original Jazz Coffee

Toots! Original Jazz Coffee


What does a watchmaker know about coffee? Probably as much as you, which is probably more than most people, because we really love (need) coffee and try to know everything about the things we get enthusiastic about. You might ask what business does Schofield have making coffee. The answer is none, other than a door opened to a world that smelled good, so we ran through! On the other side of the door was a watch enthusiast and coffee connoisseur. His name is Tom Osborne and his business of making the world a better place is a boutique coffee roastery called Craft House Coffee.

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If Schofield thought making coffee was going to be a clever way of selling watches we would be wrong, it was pure self-indulgence that brings Toots! Original Jazz Coffee before you.

I am not interested in rebranding an existing roast, no sir! I wanted a coffee roasted to my own specific tastes and as a man who likes the finer things in life, it had to be good, really good. Tom understands me and was happy to oblige. We spent many evenings plotting graphs and profiling different roasts until the flavour of Toots! was settled upon.

So what is Toots! Original Jazz Coffee? It is a Yellow Bourbon bean from a mountainous region, 1150 metres above sea level, in the heart of Brazil. This variety has been ‘pulped natural’ which means the beans are left to dry alongside the fleshy part of the fruit which imparts a natural sweetness that can be tasted in a filter or espresso. We have medium roasted the coffee to give a perfectly harmonious ensemble of nuts, chocolate, cereals and a hint of fruit.

Toots! is sold as whole beans or ground ready for cafetière, Aeropress, filter cones and stove-tops.

Craft House Coffee is located a stone’s throw from Schofield in Henfield, Sussex, and has a website selling various roasts from small speciality coffee farms across the globe.

Fresh coffee posted immediately.

Coffee care

We recommend you do not keep your coffee in the fridge. Please consume within 3 months for ground coffee and 6 months for beans.