Strap changing specific screwdrivers

Strap changing specific screwdrivers
  • Schofield screwdrivers for changing straps
  • drivers


These screwdrivers have been designed from the ground up. We threw away the shackles of the Swiss realising that we do not need watch making screwdrivers for changing straps. Watchmaking screwdrivers are designed for vertical use, whereas any Schofield strap changer worth his salt will know that this is a horizontal task! We need short and stubby reducing off-axis leverage and increasing torque. The blades have been ground to fit the Schofield screw heads so precisely that they block out the light! Two drivers for changing straps and one for buckles.

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  • Machined from 6082 aluminium alloy in England
  • Swiss made blued steel blade
  • Olive drab passivate finish to MoD specification

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