Rare Things

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Rare Things is the part of Schofield that deals with the prototypes, artist proofs; super special and super rare items. So many wonderful things have passed through here unseen, sold before we can even take ‘web worthy’ photos, but now they have a home. The trouble is you will have to be here at the right time to see the newest items so keep opening the Bulletin, 8:15 every Thursday night to get insight. Bulletin Sign-up.

There have been commissioned Signalman variants, prize designs and artists proofs, we have seen some mixed up Beaters sometimes with no print on the dial now named Beater Bare Bones. We have very low production numbers of coloured Ladyfingers, torches and cigar tubes and there will also be the most random but charming diversions that happen through ‘Schofield’s design lab’ as and when the occasion demands. For further information on any item listed please email or phone (+44 (0) 1274 494 878).

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